Planning Your Epic Adventurous Wedding

Planning your elopement can be a lot of fun and doesn’t need to look like any other weddings you’ve been invited to!

For a very long time traditional weddings were the only option for most people, but I’m so glad that more and more people like you are opting to get out of the box and create an experience that feels so much more like them! After all, every couple is unique so why should we have to get married like anyone else? This is one of the rarest times in your life when you can feel comfortable and empowered to do something just for you.

Eloping is nothing short to a big wedding, it boils down to what really matters: a day to celebrate the milestone happening in your life and a chance to honor the fact that you love this person so much that you want to commit the rest of your life to them!

There are no rules to eloping so however the two of you want to celebrate and spend your day you can do it! This is going to be your wedding celebration specifically crafted for you.

At Your Mountain Elopement, we focus on helping fellow nature lovers, people who are drawn to the outdoors: there you feel alive, you feel happy and with no pressure. It feels perfect for you to celebrate your love in such a place, that reflects what you both are passionate about. You want to commit to this person in an intimate way, far from the crowds, far from the stress of pleasing all your friends and family. You and your partner feel like this step is a very personal one, one that you want to share only with each other, in a beautiful wild surrounding. Imagine all the epic ways you could get married! You can exchange your vows on the top of a 3000m peak, have a stroll in a pine trees forest, explore wild mountain river sides, go for multi-day hiking adventures in the Alps or get a heli-ride to get on a glacier to celebrate this special day. If you can dream it up you can do it! Whether you choose to invite a few friends & family or have a day just you two—you can count on me for it.

But before we get on further on the actual steps to elope,

I just want to make it clear that your elopement day IS your wedding day!

And as such, it will be a day you’ll celebrate for the rest of your life! It’s romantic, spontaneous, meaningful, and based on the most important thing life has to offer. It’s all about you two laughing your faces off, taking the time to sit back and appreciate the love you have together, being able to let your walls down to let each other in completely. 

This is where I come in! As your elopement planner, adventure buddy, tour guide, location scouter, zen guru, photographer and best “new old friend”, I’ll make sure that you get the best wedding experience you can get; a day that will be documented from start to end because you deserve to have a real celebration of your union. So let’s make the most epic adventure you two have been on! There are no rules to eloping so if you can dream it up you can do it! It’s all about creating a memorable and epic experience that’s all about the two of you!

That’s the day that you deserve to have and you deserve to have it documented and captured so that you can share it with your friends and family back home and look back on your gorgeous images and remember it every time like it was yesterday.

If this sounds like EVERYTHING you want for your wedding day:

Or keep reading to learn about my process as YOUR ELOPEMENT PHOTOGRAPHER

Eloping, the process

So, you’re curious to know how we’re going to create your best day ever?

Here are the next steps to planning your elopement!

- 1 -
Lets talk about your dream elopement

Once you’ve submitted the contact form I’ll get back to you (usually within 48 hours) and we chat a little about what your dream day looks like to you. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, we can have this conversation through email, phone call, or text, I’m here to make this as smooth and easy for YOU.

- 2 -
Lock a time frame

Once all your questions are answered and you’re happy to go forward, the next step is to secure your elopement date. You’ll get a confirmation as soon as I receive your signed contract and the payment of the non-refundable retainer- which can both be done easily online.

Yeiii! I’m now your official photographer/planner/friend, etc.

- 3 -
Designing Your Dream Elopement

Now the fun part begins!

You will get a Couples Questionnaire which will help me, based on your answers, to design the best possible adventure elopement for you. You’ll receive your own personalized elopement guide, including a customized list of awesome location ideas. You’ll just have to choose your favorite spot, book your local accommodation and find the clothes that you’ll wear, I’ll take care of the rest.

- 4 -
Have the Best Day of Your Life

It’s your wedding day! We’ll adventure together and document your day, from hiking to your special location, saying your vows at sunrise (or sunset), to spraying the champagne on a mountain top… You deserve to have the whole story of your day documented.

- 5 -
Relive it Forever Through Your Photos

You’ll go home with incredible memories, and then get your pictures in an online gallery that will have you crying of happiness as you re-live your incredible day! We’ll stay friends, you’ll come back to wherever you got married (or somewhere else epic) to hang out with us again in the future, forever and ever.

This is your day! And it matters!

You will remember it all your life and you should have no regrets!

Let me be your guide and support you in creating your own unique wildly wedding experience.

Ready to start designing the best adventure of your life?

husband kissing his new bride in the mountains
Maaike Mayor

Meet your Photographer, Guide, Planner & new Best Friend

I’m an adventurous soul who will help you create an unforgettable wedding experience in the wild. Let my positive vibes guide you through a stress-free fun outdoor adventure. I’m all about making you feel comfortable in front of the camera – I’ll convince you that I’m just your “new old friend” and that you can just have fun with each other.

I’ve been a project manager for more than a decade so it’s safe to say that I love to get people happy with awesome events!

You can contact me whenever you need to during the elopement planning process.

Your photos will be a reflexion of the candid, fun and genuine moments you two spend together, no awkward staged pics with me…

Love to laugh!

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