How do we book you?

You can fill in the enquiry form on my website or send me an email, letting me know what you’d like me to photograph for you, when and where. You will get a response from me as soon as I can, and if you’re up for it we will schedule a call to “meet” and discuss details. If you live in Montreux or nearby, I’d love to meet you for a coffee! 

What kind of couples do you work with?

I’m a fun and positive energy person and I love working with all kinds of personalities.  I would say that most of my clients are active outdoors lovers like me! That’s a passion I definitely share with most of you, whether it’s hiking, climbing, snowboarding, backpacking, snowshoeing… you name it.

The kind of couples I connect with the most are the ones that want to go for a wild experience, getting married in nature with no or only very few people around!

What are you like?

I connect with people easily and I create a safe space that allows you to be yourself. I will guide you throughout the whole process, talking a lot and making stupid jokes. People who know me describe me as a warm, empathic person. you can read more about me here

Mountain elopement

How much hiking do we need to do?

That’s really up to you! I design your experience based on your preferences and fitness level! We usually hike for at least 3km in total. Your adventure will be designed the way you want it, from a light hike to a multi days of hiking to a mountain cabin, even go for a helicopter ride to elope on one of our majestic glaciers! If you have some guests that can’t hike far, I can suggest some very nice wild looking locations that are perfect for ceremonies. And we can always go off with just the two of you for sunset. As I said, it’s really up to you!

What happens if it rains?

In French there is a saying “Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux!”, which means “Rainy wedding day, happy marriage” (but it sounds better in French haha).

As you can imagine, my schedule is pretty busy and since the shootings are in various remote locations, I can’t be flexible on what Mother Nature throws at us! Don’t worry though, bad weather doesn’t mean a bad day! And we’ll always discuss some backup plans prior to your day. In any case, I’ll help you get ready whatever the weather will be. I promise that you’ll have a fantastic day regardless of the weather and your photos will be amazing either way!

Do you do elopements with guests?

I do, but only small groups (20 people max) for intimate weddings. I love meeting your friends and family that share the same passion for the outdoors, and will do my best to find a venue that meets the hiking abilities of everyone but keep in mind that places for groups are limited.

Mountain elopement in Switzerland

How long will we have to wait to get our photos?

You will get a sneak peak of your picture within a week and your full digital album within 6 weeks (8 weeks in busy season: June-September).

We don’t really like being photographed but still want you to capture the day. what is your approach?

First off, I totally get it! Think of me as your best “new old friend”, I’m here to make you feel comfortable, and we’ll get to know eachother better during the planning process. We’ll chat a lot to make sure you get the best wedding experience you can have. When you book me as your photographer you’ll be able to reach out any time you have questions or need to talk about your day. By the time your special day is here we won’t be strangers anymore. On that day I’ll provide you with some guidance when needed, but also will disappear in the background to give you your own space to be in the moment. I’m all about capturing the raw, candid moments, so rest assured that it’s all about being yourself. During the planning process we’ll also make sure you get time to be just the two of you during your day, to soak in all the feelings, emotions and breathe the magic.

Can you help us with location finding, planning, and whatever we don’t know right now?

Absolutely! When you book me as your photographer you’ll get access to my mountain expertise, event management skills and so much more! We’ll brainstorm and create together your epic wedding experience and I’ll be there to guide all the way and make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

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