No one has the right to tell you how your wedding should be!

No one has the right to tell you how your wedding should be!

No one has the right to tell you how your wedding should be!

Have you ever heard of family pressure and people wanting to « suggest » what your wedding should be like, who you should invite (‘don’t forget Aunt Annie’s best friend otherwise she’ll be upset’! 😉 or ‘we’ll pay for this or that if…’)?

Even without going to the extremes, all these comments, suggestions and requests just keep adding pressure on couples! Thankfully, not every family is like this. But for many out there, it is a huge source of stress! Besides, traditional is not everybody’s cup of tea but for a very long time, people did not have many options and would just do things like this, because that’s how it’s always been done.

So if this rings a bell and you feel that way, just hear me out. Even with the best intentions in the world, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU HOW YOUR WEDDING SHOULD BE! This is the one event in your life that is absolutely about you! As such, it should be all about you two, it should reflect who you are as a couple! Not anyone else!

YOU have the right and SHOULD choose to make it as authentic to you as you want!

Saying NO to expectations and YES to YOUR OWN VISION of your wedding day! 

But I understand that this may feel like a challenge, and requires sometimes courage as well! Stepping out of the box isn’t always easy but the rewards are sooooo worth it!

If your soul is craving to experience the wilderness ‘just the two of you’ on your wedding day, then go for it! Imagine what sort of landscapes you’d like to be in, what type of activities you would like to do on that day, if you. Go crazy, make it memorable! and remember:

This is YOU and YOUR partner choosing to start YOUR next chapter of your lives in YOUR OWN WAY!

So my advise to you is : be bold! Think of how amazing this wedding experience will be! Whether you’re envisioning a quiet relaxed sunset ceremony with a few close ones or a full-on exciting multiple-days hiking wedding experience ‘just the two of you’ with breathtaking landscapes and swiss cheese fondue in a mountain hut or flying over magnificent glaciers with a helicopter, it will be your own unique way to celebrate your love!

And even if some may not agree or be surprised by your choices, they WILL support your decision because in the end… they love you and want you to be the most happy you can be on this day!

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Being bold can be hard, but YES when it comes to your wedding you need to be bold. We love all your advice, it’s totally on point! We said yes to our vision for our wedding and we don’t regret it one bit. Thanks for putting out such a great and important message!

YES! Thanks for being brave and writing something like this– I really can’t stand how couples hold back because a family member has an objection to something they want for THEIR day.

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