Discover 10 top reasons to Elope

Discover 10 top reasons to Elope

Discover 10 top reasons to elope and explore if eloping is for you.

Hi lovely people! First off, I just want to say that there is nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding. But traditional weddings are not for everyone and I strongly believe that each couple should be able to follow their vision for their big day. Planning a big wedding can feel daunting… entertaining +80 guests, dealing with vendors, family expectations, pressure of being the center of attention… so many reasons that are causing anxiety and stress. So if you’re struggling with the idea of having a traditional wedding, continue reading to discover ten top reasons why eloping may be a good alternative for your wedding day! 

If you’re not quite sure what eloping means and you missed our other blog, check out What does eloping actually means

Ditch the stress and anxiety and instead, elope to enjoy a relaxed, laid-back wedding experience with those that mean most to you

Discover reasons to elope n°1 – Less Stress & Anxiety

Most elopement photographers offer way more than just photography: they’ll be scouting for epic locations for you, will recommend local vendors, will help you with your elopement timeline, will even give you advise on your bridal attire if you ask them… they are there to help you create an amazing wedding experience, so say goodbye to all the planning hustle.

Not to mention that elopements are intimate ceremonies, usually a just “you-two” experience or just a few closed-one with you, which brings me to reason n°2:

Discover reasons to elope – 2 – Not the Center of Attention

Unless some people that like attention, maybe you’re a little introverted or you simply do not feel comfortable having everyone staring at your every step and movement on your wedding day. I totally get that! So here’s good news: elopements are intentionally very private! It’s usually just your closest family/friends, or even more intimate: a “just you two” experience! Eloping gives you choice to feel more comfortable with who is present on your day, and allows you to feel 100% free to live the moment, to feel safe to be emotional too.

Discover reasons to elope – 3 – Intimate and meaningful

Having an intimate wedding allows you to share this special day with those you love most and have the space and time to truly appreciate each of their presence. Unlike some big weddings where the couple did not even know all the guests present… this is the most important day of your life so it makes totally sense to share it with only those closest to you.

Reason to elope 4 – No Drama

We’re all imperfect, different, with our own personalities and expectations. In big events such as weddings, it is quite common to see drama unfold, even in loving families. In some other families, for various reasons there are issues and you freak out to this idea of having everyone in the same place. 

This day is about the two of you! So no matter what people are telling you, you have the power and the right to invite only those you want to be present!  …or none !

Reason to elope – 5 – Focus on the couple, not guest

I often heard couples talking about how they wished they had had time on their wedding day to actually “be in the moment” and not be overwhelmed by the planning process of their wedding, making sure that each guests gets a full on experience, worrying about how they are feeling, making sure the small plates were aligned with the big ones, food, cake, drinks, music, and so on. Other couples mentioned that they felt like their wedding day was a succession of people to meet, greet, that they got no time to chat with their own cousins or siblings, that they felt rushed from one moment of the ceremony to the next. 

The principle of eloping is all about having the focus of this day on YOU! You are the ones getting married, this is YOUR day! It matters! When you choose to elope or to have a micro wedding, you get the chance to create an experience around what matters most to you. You are allowed to do what you want and with the people you want. If you feel like you prefer to have this day with just the two of you to share this intimate and strong life commitment to each other, so be it. Some couples choose to have a two-days elopement, to have some time for themselves as a couple and then a second day to have a small ceremony with their close-ones to celebrate this milestone. 

Reason to elope – 6 – Authenticity – something different because you’re different

Each person is unique, each couple is unique.. so it makes sense to have a wedding day that reflects who you are! It’s absolutely fine to go your own way and have a celebration that is totally different. On this website we are all about elopements in nature and mountains, but eloping can be done absolutely anywhere! Some people love to elope in towns, others are choosing to get married in the air after jumping off a plane, others get married scuba diving in the ocean,… Eloping is basically allowing you to craft an experience that is authentic to you as a couple! It is meaningful, intentionally intimate and unique. 

When you elope, you get to create an authentic wedding experience that reflects who you are as a couple

Discover reasons to elope – 7 – You Value the Experience

Have you thought about what getting married means to you? Do you value experiences over things? If your answer is yes, then eloping is a perfect fit for you! An elopement is an “experience”, not a photoshoot or quick let’s get married thing! 

As you choose to elope, you will be creating a personalised experience to celebrate the love you two have for eachother! Afterall, your love is so strong and big that you two are willing to commit to eachother for the rest of your life! So let’s make this day one that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives!

Talk to each other about what would be your dream place to get married, what you’d like to do on that day, who you’d like to be part of it. Are you dreaming of saying “I do” in the mountains at sunset? Go for it! You’ve always dreamt of having a helicopter ride once in your life? Why not include it during your wedding day! Build an igloo in the alps, paddle on a lake, … the possibilities are endless. It’s all about crafting an epic adventure that you two will remember forever!

Discover reasons to elope – 8 – “Tradition” doesn’t mean much to you

But tradition! I can personally relate to each on this list, but especially this point. You are your own person, so why ‘follow the crowd’? Doing your own thing is honorable and it shows that you are a unique person. Just because something has been done for generations does not mean you are obligated to do it. There can be a lot wrong with traditional values, do not let others make you feel bad about it.

Reason to elope – 9 – Getting Epic Photos

Did you ever noticed how “intense” taking pictures sometimes looks at traditional weddings? People lining up and waiting their turn to get photographed with the couple, a tight timeframe and depending on venues a lot of restrictions as to where you can take them!

Elopement photographers offer way more than a photoshoot. They are here to capture the full story of your wedding day in an authentic (and often raw, fun) way! There are no stressful nor awkward moments. The whole idea is for you to be 100% into the moment and to forget about the photographer. We are here to capture the giggles, the tears, the joy, the fun, the serious… we’re here to make sure you get amazing pictures that tell your wedding story in an awesome way! Plus the fact you’re eloping means you’ll be most likely in unique, gorgeous places, giving perfect backdrops for your photos!

Eloping gives you the freedom to create a unique wedding experience day!

Reason to elope – 10 – A Green Gesture for the Earth

Even with best intentions, it is hard to plan a wedding without being wasteful. It’s just a reality. To give you an idea, Sky Ocean Rescue said 245’513 weddings took place in Britain in 2017 with an average of 100 guests at each, using nearly 20kg of single-use plastic at every ceremony. That adds up to 4’910 tonnes of plastic potentially pouring into our oceans every year – the equivalent weight of 47 blue whales! That was just for the UK in 2017… imagine what happens all around the world each year…

I am very proud to follow the “Leave No Trace” principles and I always encourage couples to find alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint on their wedding day. Eloping is a fantastic option! Small is the new big, and eloping is nothing short to a traditional wedding. It bowls down to what truly matters, what makes you, you! And what brought you to decide to commit to this very special person for the rest of your life!

And to keep giving back to our beautiful planet, when you book YourMountainElopement, 5% of your fees are donates to two non-profit organisations : The Kilian Jornet Foundation, who focuses on working on the preservation of the mountain environment, and Pro-Natura, a local non-profit organisation committed to the diversity of animals, plants and habitats in Switzerland; acting for nature, everywhere!

This is YOUR wedding – your way

Again, there is nothing wrong with having a big wedding if that’s what you’ve always envisioned your dream wedding day. I am simply here to tell you that there are options for anyone who wants something different, and that it’s OKAY to do things different. I hope these top 10 reasons to elope give you some comfort and reasurance that you can tailor a wedding day that is authentic to you. No matters which way you decide to go, make sure you stay true to yourselves! You should both feel the happiest on this day and have no regrets.

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