How to have a fantastic wedding experience during the pandemic

How to have a fantastic wedding experience during the pandemic

I’m here to tell you you still can get married during covid!

Hey, how are you feeling? This unprecedented time has been challenging most of us and so many people have seen their lives totally shaken by covid! If your wedding plans have been altered by the current pandemic, oh man, I really do feel for you!

Let me give you some positivity and empowerment! You can still celebrate your commitment to each other no matter how crazy the world feels right now! I am a firm believer in positivity and that everything has a solution!

So lets break down a little how you can have a fantastic wedding experience regardless of the crazy world we live in.

bi-racial couple on their elopement day in the mountains. groon holding his bride in his arms. Elopement in switzerland

You’ll probably agree that your wedding is an event you’ve been looking for to celebrate your love and commitment to your special person! If you’re familiar with my website or my social media, you know that I’m all for doing things a different way and empowering you to do something other than the ordinary.

Have you considered eloping?

If you’re new to the idea of eloping, let me start by saying hold on, eloping isn’t what it used to be! No no, it’s not a quick let’s elope in Vegas thing nor a quick photoshoot…

Elopements and intimate weddings have the same intention as traditional weddings, but it is intentionally small, meaningful, intimate and authentic to you! It reflects who you are as a couple and grants you the absolute freedom to commit your life to your partner however and wherever you choose!

If the concept of eloping is new to you, you might be thinking, “how the heck does it work” or maybe you’re a bit stressed about what your family and friends may think if you tell them you’re completely changing your wedding plans…

bridal couple from beyind, next to an alpine lake in the swiss mountains.

I get it and it’s okay to feel this way! I’m not here to tell you what’s right or wrong, just to tell you that you have the power to decide to get out of the box and get hitched in a different way. Additionnaly eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have your close ones with you! Indeed, some couples decide to share that celebration with their family members and closest friends too.

Also, since these adventure weddings are intimate with just the couple or a few family/friends joining, you are already bypassing the current large group bans in most places! So congrats for being in a manageable situation already!

Eloping means having the choice to create a unique fantastic wedding experience in some of the most beautiful sceneries of Switzerland!

You get to decide what you’ll do on your day! Where you’ll go and how you want to spend your day(s) are your choice… Whether you dream of a heli-ride above some epic glaciers or hike to a mountain top to say your vows at sunset or sunrise Maybe you want to play some music together in a forest. Or maybe you d’love to go stand up paddling on an alpine lake, unless your dream is to explore wild trails for a few days… The possibilities are endless!

couple in love kissing in front of a waterfall in switzerland during their boho elopement.

Talking about possibilities, let me give you a glimpse of what your adventurous wedding could look like!

For the purpose of this, let’s call the couple hereafter Jess & James and let’s activate your imagination:

Jess & James are passionate nature lovers! They have always known that they wanted to tie the knot somewhere in the wilderness and wanted to discover new incredible sceneries during that day!

They wanted the ceremony to be about the two of them, but to find also a way to include their family. We discussed different options and they decided to go for an epic “one and a half day” elopement adventure in one of the most beautiful valleys of Switzerland in Spring!

In order to avoid the crowds, they chose to elope midweek. I met with them on a Tuesday early afternoon at the cute little chalet they rented in the valley. The weather was nice and warm, and both Jess and James were excited for the afternoon to come. Today is their big day!

We got our hiking gear, wedding attire and flowers ready. Once we jumped in the car, we put their favorite tunes on! It was so much fun as they sang from the top of their lungs while we drove for about an hour. We arrived to a small typically alpine village where we were going to start the hike. This is the place we’ll be joined by the family tomorrow, but for now we’re ready to go exploring an amazing valley.

Couple walking in swiss mountain pastures in spring - wild vibrant spring colors in the alps

Discovering wild places

In the green pastures around us, marmot families are sunbathing nearby the small river. Smooth sounds of the river seemed to sing together with the marmots saying hi. The scenery here is wild, there is still snow on the massive peaks surrounding us. Some white remains of snow are contrasting with the bright green of the pastures. There is something exhilarating about exploring wild places like these!

James and Jess took the time to enjoy each second of it. We sat down for a while. It was fun to watch the marmots that were so excited to be out of their dens after a long winter. Then, a little higher on the trail, the landscape became more rocky. We had to cross a few fields of snow (without danger though). Jess started a massive cheeky snowballs fight with James. They ended up laughing their hearts out! haha 

The Alpine hut experience

After a couple of hours of exploring and having a blast on the trail, we arrived at a mountain cabin. The cabin is part of the swiss association of mountain cabins. Therefore we were welcomed by the staff that showed us our rooms for the night. These are dormitories but thanks to beiing the only people up there today, we get to each have our own rooms.

By now, it’s already 5pm and we definitly are enjoying a nice piece of fresh baked pie while having a beer in the sun on their gorgeous terrasse. From here you get a fantastic view on some of the highest peaks of Switzerland! The cabin is at 2’982m (9’783ft) high and we will soon be climbing the nearby +3’000m (9’842ft) peak to watch the sunset.

About an hour later, Jess and James start getting ready. They switched their mountain clothes for their bride and groom attire. Since they decided to have a first look, they each got ready in separate rooms. But the doors were left open so that they could talk to each other. During the entire time, James kept telling hilarious jokes! Jess just kept bursting into laughter while trying to fix her hair. These two for sure were on the same wave haha.

Everyone could hear them laughing hahaha, the vibes were sooo positive! The few people present were just as excited for them as I was. Finally, James went outside the cabin to wait for Jess, on the plateau nearby. James is a fun tough guy, but you could tell things were getting serious as he started to get emotional. 

First Look

Shortly after, Jess followed him outside. She chose a light flowy dress with lace sleeves. Also, she was wearing the necklace her grandma offered her and part of her hair was held up with a hair comb her mom wore at her own wedding. Her eyes were sparkling with joy while she approached James from behind. When he turned around to see her, it was as if nature itself stood still, there was no sound to be heard except for their own giggles of joy!

They both looked stunning and so happy! Now it was time to climb to the top of that mountain.

We took our backpacks with a few important items: the special bottle of home-brewed beer their cousins offered them to be open on this special day. Also a little book filled with wishes from friends and family members for their wedding to be read after they would say their vows. In addition we brought a few “practical items” like a blanket to sit on, some warm puffy jackets and beanies for when the sun would go down and of course our headlamps. 

Magical Ambiance to read their vows

After a short hike, we arrived on the top of that mountain! Oh boy how incredible the view was!! Imagine a 360° view, the sun going down, the sky lights softly fading into pastel colors around us. It was pure magic!! The mountains behind us turned pink, granting us the absolute perfect alpen glow. That’s the moment James chose to take Jess’ hand, pull her towards him and looked deep into her eyes. Tears started rolling down while they said their vows and shared with eachother how deep their love is.

The bear got popped open and they drank right from the bottle hihi. They sat cosily nestled in each other’s arms and enjoyed reading the wishes their friends and family wrote them. We stayed a little longer to watch nature granting us an absolute fantastic spectacle of ever changing lights. Eventually, the stars appeared in the darkening sky.

Can you feel the intensity of this moment? A moment of pure emotion, pure happiness and pure love! Oh man, I live for moments like these!!!

As the night started to get chilly we decided to go return to the cabin. We walked down in the dark with our headlamps. When James and Jess entered the cabin, the small staff crew welcomed them with applause and a nice surprise drink! Then we put some of the couple’s favorite tunes on! What a blast they had, dancing in the common room. The staff cooked a special nepalese dinner for us. The food was delicious and the merry rustic ambiance incredible. After many jokes and laughter, we called it a night.

Pastel color sunrise in the swiss mountains
Epic Sunrise

As Jess’ special wish was to see a sunrise from this place, we planned on getting up (very) early! We met in the living room (an amazing room with huge windows, a panoramic view on the valley, and a small fireplace in the corner) at 5am!

The timing was perfect, the darkness was slowly fading away and we could start to see the shadows of the mountains…

Nature was slowly waking up. We first stayed indoors, watching the view from the warmth and silence of the room with a hot cup of tea.

The mountain tops started to be covered with soft pink light, the orange and brighter colors in the sky were disappearing as the sun was approaching. We put on our puffy jackets and went outside to greet the first rays of sunshine of the day!

Woman wakling on a mountain ridge with the sun rising beyind the mountains in the background

If you’ve already experienced a sunrise in the mountains you know how magical this moment is! And if you haven’t… well, make sure to put it on your agenda for the next best chance you have! It’s PURE MAGIC and every sunrise is one of a kind!

After a yummie breakfast, Jess and James discovered a little more the area surrounding the cabin, exploring the views, taking it all in. About an hour or two later, they came back and we bid our farewell to the cabin crew and started our descent. Soft rays of clouds were dancing in the sky, making the landscape extra special.

Celebrating with family and friends

Around eleven we arrived back down in the bucolic village where we left the car the day before. We went to the small alpine restaurant which we booked for the afternoon “ceremony”. They kindly offered to use one of their rooms so that the couple could get changed. Jess and James got time to freshen up, get dressed again in their beautiful wedding attire, while their family and very close ones started to arrive. About 20 people were invited to share this special moment. Everyone gathered outside while a small band started playing music for the wedding party. Finally, Jess and James made their big appearance!

Everyone cheered for them, and threw dried flower petals in the air to welcome them to the party! Parents on both sides of the family had prepared small speeches to wish them all the best. The afternoon was spent in a relaxed ambiance, having a big outdoors bbq while listening to the band playing music and creating beautiful memories. At the end of the afternoon, it was time for me to go, saying my goodbyes to this amazing family!

Does this sound like a fantastic adventure wedding-elopement you would dream of too?

Young couple huging during their elopement in mountains in switzerland

In these past months I’ve seen so many couples who had to deal with the reality of having to postpone their wedding plans.

I’m here to try to empower those that still want to celebrate their commitment to each other in the future, and help you have something to look forward to.

Who doesn’t want a dose of positivity right now, right? Those difficult times have for sure reminded us how important our love is for our beloved ones. I’m all about focusing on the good things we have, and the love we share with our favorite people! Yes, you can get married during the pandemic! So if you’re deciding to go ahead and still plan your elopement, huge congrats to you!

Remember, you’ve got this!

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Adventure elopements are just the best! It’s one of the silverlinings to this pandemic. So glad to see so many others choosing to not cancel love. Thanks for sharing your insight.

Aww, I love this. I love that it presents eloping as another option to couples, and celebrates that option! Super awesome 🙂

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