What does eloping actually mean?

What does eloping actually mean?

What does eloping mean to you? Indeed there is a lot of misconception about what eloping is. For our grand-parents it may have been linked with non approval on your partner, shame or even rebellion… Nowadays many share different views on what eloping really is, but i think most of us can agree that choosing to elope is not choosing to run away.

For me, eloping means creating an intimate wedding experience like no other! In fact, eloping is a great alternative to traditional weddings.

I believe strongly that since each couple is unique, so should their wedding be. While I have nothing against traditional weddings, it simply was never what I envisioned for myself! I could not envision myself having hundreds of guests, having all those eyes on me during my vows, during speeches, during the dances, … you get the idea right?!

micro wedding on a mountain top in Switzerland
sunrise elopement in front of an alpine lake in switzerland

Since I’ve always had a strong connection to nature, it has been pretty clear that the day I’d get married would be spent outdoors, with only a few close-ones. Without a doubt, this would allow me to feel safe to go through any emotions I would have on that day. Also, I am convinced that it will be feeling like the event is centered on my partner and me instead of having to entertain hundreds of people and deal with the stress that goes with it! Indeed I wanted to enjoy a simple meal around a bonfire, have lots of laugthers and music played in the background, be able to have fun conversations with each of my guests, be stars gazing, be silly and simply have a relaxed, memorable time!

This, to me, is eloping! It bowls down to what makes your couple really you! Having a small wedding allows you to create a wild adventure. It creates a safe place where couples do not feel stressed. An intimate wedding allows you to feel free to be yourselves, to be vulnerable and to be living each second of your wedding experience in a unique place and a unique way.

So, you always dreamt of saying I do on top of glacier? Go for it! You’re dreaming of going far in the wilderness on a multi-day hiking elopement? Go for it! You’re dreaming a soft pink alpen glow to celebrate your love? Go for it! The possibilities are endless! Whether you’ll choose to go horse riding, kayaking, go on an helicopter ride or simply slowing things a notch a having a smooth relaxed time in a beautiful surrounding with just the two of you, you are going to feel your hearts beating like they never did before, ready to commit to this unique amazing person you can’t imagine your life without!

Couple having fun in the snow during their winter elopement in switzerland


This is so true! I completely agree that big weddings all start to blend together, and I’ve had brides say that they don’t even remember half the day because of all the craziness! It is so important to build an experience that is the best for your relationship. Also, you threw some great ideas into this! 🙂

Yes!!!! Let’s redefine the idea of what an elopement is! I love that you shared your story. It’s so relatable for couples that are considering their own elopement.

Thanks Naomi! HAHA that snowy elopement was crazy! The wind blew like crazy and it kept snowing the whole day! We had the mountain for ourselves, That sweet couple were freezing but never complained, we had so much fun! We often found shelter out of the wind behind trees to warm up in big puffy blankets and drinking hot tea. And just kept laughing all the time! Definitly one of my fav memories haha!

You explained it so well! It’s not easy to picture an elopement for people who are not in the wedding industry, but your article can definitely help! Plus amazing pictures 🙂

I love that you said « eloping creates a safe place »– because that is SO TRUE. Many people find it hard to be vulnerable in front of a crowd, and one of your most vulnerable moments is saying your vows. People also often feel pressured when they have a wedding to please certain guests. Eloping takes all of that away and creates a safe place for two people to be together. I love it. So beautiful.

Love this so much!! Elopements Can have so many meanings to each couple. I think that makes them so special, because they can connect so deeply to a life story.

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