Hi, My name is Maaike Mayor

(My friends call me Miki)

I’ve been an outdoors addict since before I could walk, nature is the one place that fuels my soul and brings me the most happiness. Happiness to me, is to drink a cup of hot tea while watching a sunrise on top of a mountain peak, to stroll on wild mountain paths, to laugh with some of my crazy best friends and sometimes slowing things a notch and taking long confi naps while listening to music… I love to think outside of the box, and I truly believe in life experiences, I value simple things and love sharing meaningful moments with my loved ones. The people that know me best will probably tell you that I’m fun, positive and authentic person!

I’m here to share that happiness, as well as my +15 years expertise as an event manager with you! (+ you get all my extensive outdoors knowledge yeiii)

As your photographer, I’m not just creating (amazing) pictures of your wedding! I’m also your guide, wedding consultant, stress zen guru, location scouter, hiking buddy and best new old friend!

I genuinely care about helping you create the personalised authentic elopement experience you’ve been craving for! I’m here to tell you it’s okay to choose a different way to get hitched and that I’m damn proud of you for making this brave choice! So kuddos to you!

Tell me what your mountain wedding dreams look like and let’s create your epic adventure together!


portrait of Maaike Mayor, guide and photographer

I believe that being authentic to ourselves is key to a happy life. This made it pretty clear to me that I would never have a big wedding ceremony when the day would come.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with traditional weddings, it is just not for me, and after talking to a bunch of lovely free-spirited people, it seams many other people feel the same way! If you’re reading this I hope this must resonate with you too.

You absolutely deserve to have a day tailored to be just like you, authentic, maybe a little wild and so meaningful to you and your other significant one!

I love helping people! It fuels me with joy and happiness when I can help make your special day the best it can be.

Let me provide you with my event management & mountain guiding expertise to help you create and celebrate your most important memories in life, in a place that make you feel the most inspired and alive!

Welcome in the Swiss Mountains!

Why I love elopements

Because they’re a completely “Just us” wedding experience. I believe that the best weddings are measured by the moments we have with the people closest to us. And that small weddings are the absolute BEST way to get married.

Elopements & Intimate weddings reveal what weddings are truly about: two people committing their life to each other. Eloping gives you the freedom to make your wedding day your own awesome adventure, and celebrate in the way that makes your relationship unique. Imagine spending your day hiking to epic locations, having a picnic or bbq, going on adventures like flying over glaciers, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, or even just sitting by the campfire together. However you envision your day unfolding, I believe that you deserve to have every moment of your wedding day documented and I would be honored to be the one creating your epic memories.

Mountain elopement in Switzerland
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